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CFS Foundation

CFS Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by CFS Coffee, a Colombian company established in the United States. The foundation was born as a response to one of the most striking issues in our home country: Educational Inequality.


We believe that love and support are two basic needs when it comes to children. These contribute to the kids' cognitive development and to their growth as social beings that are capable of developing their talents and potential in a community in the short, medium and long term.


Education for children and youth in Colombia has long faced obstacles for families in a state of vulnerability because there's still a need for economic support in our home country to supply the basic elements for children to receive an education and have the opportunity to fully develop their abilities.

CFS Coffee Foundation Kids
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Help change a child's life

If you want to partner with the CFS Coffee foundation and help children have a better education and a better future, contact us today.


Contribute to the restoration of education as a fundamental right for all children and young people in vulnerable situations living in Colombia.

Incite a change in the life path of each child and their family, by contributing with 

resources that allow equitable conditions at every school level for everybody.


Contribute to the transformation of Colombian children and a future where high-quality education and talent are always supported.

To always support the most vulnerable areas, having the city of Bogotá as a starting point that spreads to neighboring populations.

Mision Cartagena

We are currently supporting the Fundevida Foundation in Cartagena (Colombia), contributing food and school supplies for children and young people diagnosed with cancer and hematologic diseases. 

CFS Foundation is working to continue providing support during the school days and, as a short-term goal, to provide sponsorship during Christmas 2022.



CFS Coffee has been contributing to the education and recreation of boys and girls in a state of vulnerability in both Colombia and the United States for over 12 years.

Through financial aid, significant donations from partners, and events; CFS Foundation has finally been established as a nonprofit organization.

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