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Our Impact in Numbers


Locations in the U.S.

including 8 in Central Florida and 1 in Oak Brook, IL, with 5 more coming soon. 


Colombian Coffee

What's not to love about the best coffee

in the world?

CFS Coffee Frappe Mocca


Year in which we opened our first coffee shop.

In April of 2016, we opened our first location in Winter Park, FL. Since then, we've only continued to grow.

CFS Coffee Market

CFS Coffee is born from a family tradition.

The passion for coffee has been passed from one generation to the other and it is still one of the biggest motivations for us. Beyond a business, this is a way of living for us and we want to ensure that our clients receive the full CFS experience from eating healthy to enjoying a pleasant time in a cozy place that feels like home and taking with them a message of optimism, harmony, peace and even learning.

All of this encompasses why CFS is the best Colombian ambassador in any part of the world.

CFS Coffee Founder Paola Bornacelli

Paola Bornacelli


Born in Colombia, our president and founder Paola Bornacelli also presides over different businesses under the CFS Business Group. In 2016, Paola and her family came to the U.S. intending to introduce coffee shops that would represent the Colombian coffee culture. With more than 18 years of professional experience, she has developed more than 15 businesses in the food, beverage and even real estate business. Among them, we can mention CFS Market and CFS Franchise, which made way for CFS Coffee (Coffee for the Soul) to become the most renowned of them. With a degree in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Bioneuroemotion from the Enric Corbera Institute, and an international certificate as a Life & Business Coach from the Academy of Personal Excellence, Paola is currently working toward a second Master’s degree in Holistic Psychology and coaching expert. 

CFS Coffee Director Matteo Gutierrez

Matteo Gutierrez

Director of Operations

CFS Coffee founder as well as Paola’s son and business partner, Matteo has been a key player during the creation of the brand’s creative concept. Certified as a Fitness Nutrition and Bodybuilding Coach from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, he also has a certificate in Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. Matteo is a professional barista and passionate about health and well-being and he is currently working on a master's in Bioneuroemotion. He developed CFS Coffee’s current food and drink menu, which not only represents Colombia’s gastronomy but also has a healthy focus on it. Matteo is in charge of preparing and training our staff, from baristas to kitchen staff.

CFS is a brand for those who enjoy the best things in life.

Our vision is to create a great experience based on the Colombian coffee culture. We also have a strong purpose to make this a better world by giving value to our local farmers and creating entrepreneurial opportunities for those passionate about making good decisions and tasting the flavor of success.

CFS Coffee Apron
CFS Coffee Souvenir

CFS Coffee's mission is to bring Colombia's rich history and culture to the forefront, making a conscious effort to highlight the hard work of Colombian farmers and artisans in all of our products.

Bringing our culture and rich background to the forefront.

We must not only feed the body but also our soul.

CFS is a brand that specializes in select coffee nurtured from its farm stages right to the first sip of your coffee cup. Our menu includes a wide variety of coffee beverages prepared with a special selection of 100% Colombian Coffee, all-day breakfast dishes, smoothie bowls, bakery items, arepas, bowls and salads, all prepared taking a healthy and balanced nutritional value into account.

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