About CFS Coffee

CFS Coffee is born

from a family tradition.

The passion for coffee has passed from generation to generation and it is still one of our biggest motivations for our members. Beyond a business is a way of living where our clients will receive a full experience, eating healthy, enjoying a good moment in a cozy place just like home and taking with them a message of optimism, harmony, peace or even learning, all of this is CFS the best Colombian
ambassador in any part of the world.


CFS Coffee & Mia 

Do you know her?

⁣⁣Mia is the representation of a Latina woman who immerses herself in the world of coffee  Always in a bathing suit, Mia, can swim free in the most immense depths. Mia is the DNA of CFS Coffee, the core of our purpose in this universe. Our Mia can be YOURS, as she fulfills her mission to deliver the messages the universe has for you. ⁣

Always remember, that what matters is what is behind words.