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All the benefits of dairy without the cow.

Your sandwich just got better!

CFS Coffee Breakfast 3

All Day Breakfast

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CFS Coffee Hot Latte 4

Iced & Hot Drinks

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CFS Market

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CFS Coffee is on a mission to bring Colombia's rich history and culture to the forefront, and we want to partner with people who share the same ambitions and goals. Coffee your business today.

Ready to coffee your business? Franchise with us today!

CFS Coffee Rainbow Latte 2

Rainbow Latte

A crowd favorite! Add some color to your day with our delicious Lavender Rainbow Latte.

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CFS Coffee Rainbow Latte 1
CFS Coffee Breakfast Dish 5
CFS Coffee Calentao 2


Our Calentao is the perfect comfort food for breakfast or lunch!⁠ Enjoy the taste of this delicious Colombian dish.

Ideal with

 Traditional Black Coffee

Mint Limeade

CFS Coffee Dulce de Leche Capuccino

Dulce de Leche Cappuccino

This Dulce de Leche Cappuccino is the best way to satisfy your cravings for both coffee and something sweet! Give it a try today!

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Our Products

Our Insignia Products

CFS Coffee Dulce de Leche Cappuccino
CFS Coffee Crafted Bag 3

Better coffee for a better planet.

We all have an origin.

Ours is select and diverse.

CFS Farmer

Signature Coffee
Made especially for CFS Coffee, our Farmer's Signature Coffee has an intense aroma, soft flavor, a touch of wild berries and a hint of chocolate, all combined in a perfectly balanced package filled with only the most select Colombian coffee beans.

CFS Journey

Signature Coffee
These coffee beans grow in the highest coffee plantations in the world, more than 2200 meters above sea level, and Colombian coffee growers take care of every single bean.

CFS Expedition

Signature Coffee
Our top of the line, premium and exotic coffee, CFS' Expedition Signature Coffee is a special edition that comes in different presentations. Production is scarce and exclusive.

Includes a blend of Tabi, Red & Yellow Bourbon and Geisha Typica.

CFS Coffee Lab Beans1
CFS Coffee Shop Cappuccino
CFS Coffee Beans Illustration 6

Want to learn how to prepare coffee like a Barista? This is your chance to learn from the best! Coffee Lab for coffee lovers is the perfect course for coffee enthusiasts. Explore the best practices for sampling and preparing coffee; you'll find different professional education options here.

Coffee Lab for Coffee Lovers

What Our Fans Say

“I love coming to this place. Everyone is so nice and helpful and good food. 10/10.”

Yaritza Cuevas.

CFS Coffee Lake Nona.

“Excellent coffee, full breakfast selection, and incredible desserts. Will definitely come back!”

Matthes Priester.

CFS Coffee Dr. Phillips.

CFS Coffee To Go Cup

"Great coffee! Love the decor and atmosphere! Such a great addition to Lake Mary!"

Courtney Dobson.

CFS Coffee Lake Mary - Heathrow.

CFS Coffee Drink To Go
CFS Coffee Beans Illustration 3


⁣⁣Our dear Mia represents a Latina woman immersing herself in the world of coffee. Always ready to dive in and swim freely in the tastiness of Colombian coffee, Mia carries with her messages from the universe that will keep you in tune with your soul.