The Colombian coffee zone: Tourism, natural preservation and beauty

For years, the Colombian coffee zone has given this Latin American country the reputation of producing and exporting one of the highest quality products in the world. However, this geographical axis not only has a privileged land but has also become an area to explore and to know. We want to invite you to discover the most fascinating corners of the Colombian coffee zone through a top 5.

What we aspire is that with this information you can understand where our need to always offer you a first-class product is born and how you can enjoy it from a different perspective as well.

Photo: trover (Danny Ospina)

1) The National Coffee Park: Founded in the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, it is a space where culture, recreation, ecology, and tourism are promulgated in an area of very high coffee richness. It is located in the central area of Colombia, and the average temperature of the place is 25 degrees, a condition that makes it ideal for coffee production.

2) Los Nevados National Natural Park is located in the heart of the central mountain range of the Andean region of Colombia. In the place, you can find thermal floors where you go from the cold to the moor, and you can even reach areas where there is dense snow. On the site, there are also many rivers of hight beauty.

3) The hot springs of Santa Rosa de Cabal are famous for their medicinal properties, but also because they provide pure water to the coffee areas of Santa Rosa de Cabal in the Risaralda region.

Photo: tierracolombiana. org

4) The municipality of Salento, in the department of Quindío, is also highly known for coffee production and its surroundings have also been provided as a favorite tourist destination. Highlights the Cocora Valley. It is located north of the city of Armenia, between the road that leads to Pereira.

5) Finally, there is also the Ukumarí biopark in Pereira, which houses 45 hectares of green areas, and where there is a botanical garden, zoo and veterinary clinic project, also to attract locals and foreigners to this important production area coffee maker.

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