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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

CFS Coffee Winter Park - Downtown

Our main goal for our first brand store in the United States is to bring 100% signature premium Colombian Coffee flavor and essence to this country. Nowadays, we are proud to say: We did it!

However, CFS’ new determination is to expand this magical realism everywhere by creating great experiences based in the Colombian coffee culture, for those whom enjoy the best things of life.

Coffee production in Colombia has a reputation as producing mild, well-balanced coffee beans. Colombia's average annual coffee production of 11.5 million bags is the third total highest in the world, after Brazil and Vietnam. With its perfect terrain and climate, is one of the only countries that produce 100% arabica beans.

Its exuberant flavor and careful manual harvest grain by grain to perfection demonstrates Colombian Coffee is one of the bests in the World, the most precious gift from our land.

Unique and irresistible flavors in one environment that makes you feel at home

Without CFS’ guaranteed select and diverse origin, iconic flavors and all the excellence that characterizes us, nothing would be possible. With them, we can achieve anything.

Among our purposes are giving value to our local farmers and creating entrepreneurial opportunities for those who are passionate about making good decisions.

Expertly engineered Colombian Coffee and impressive international food will be franchised all over the United States with the operational, marketing, purchasing, accounting and legal support of CFS Coffee specialists.

By joining the CFS Coffee team as a franchise owner, you will also receive excellent training off and on site constantly, so a hit is almost a sure thing.

Unique and irresistible flavors in one environment that makes you feel at home. Unlimited cups of 100% Colombian premium coffee and moments that you will remember forever.

Dare to make one of the best decisions of your life! Fill out the evaluation form, send it to, join us, and taste the flavor of success.

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