Starting your own business? 3 reasons why you should!

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

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Starting your own project is one of the most ambitious ideas anyone could have. Embarking on the adventure of having certain monetary freedom and professional growth is not an easy task, but it is not an impossible process to achieve.

A recent survey of the pollster found that about 600,000 new businesses are created worldwide every year, and most of those who have made that big decision can list the reasons why they ventured to have a business. Own small or large capital.

From CFS we want to tell you the three main reasons why you should also dare to have your own business and make way for a world of extensive possibilities,

You have control of everything:

It is not that you will be an almighty god, but you will certainly have the ability to make your own decisions in the most appropriate place and time. One of the reasons for owning a small business is the possibility of fully conducting your business.

“When you're in the driver's seat, you make decisions based on the best way to run your business in the future. This can be overwhelming for some and one must know when and how to delegate. However, being able to make your own decisions about the best way to work every day, leads you to the creation of a culture, a brand and an organization, ”says Kasey Gahler, an Austin certified financial planner, quoted by Inc .com, who left a large company to start his own Gahler Financial business three years ago.

You can do more than one thing:

Finding the balance between your personal life and you as a worker is, perhaps, one of the greatest difficulties that can be dealt with while being a dependent worker. However, being you who has the possibility to create your schedules, you can also delegate many functions to others so that you have time to perform other activities, especially educational or recreational.

“I make my own schedule, which allows me to spend time with who is most important in my life and is my inspiration for the job - my son, Zachary,” highlights Yamile Jackson, also mentioned by Inc. Com, and whose company, Nurtured by Design, has an ergonomic design of products for babies and toddlers.

You decide who you want to work with:

Another of the great advantages you have, when you are your own boss, is that you can select the people you would like to work with. In short, it is you who selects the human capital of your company. "Over the years, I have hired dozens of personal friends, family and former business colleagues to work with me in different positions," says entrepreneur Christine Clifford, owner of Eden Prairie, based in Minnesota, which includes The Cancer Club (Cancer Club) and Divorcing Divas (Divorced Divas). Quoted by, Clifford continues “Why? Because they care about me. Surround yourself with positive people who give you the confidence and optimism you need to move forward. Remove people who transmit negative vibes to you. The smaller your organization, the greater the decision of who you should work with. "

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