Coffee shops: the taste of success.

Who doesn't love to start the day with a wonderful cup of coffee or even have a mid day break with a couple of friends enjoying an Iced Latte?

Every year, the average American spends about $1,100 at coffee shops or convenience stores. If you’re someone who wants to cash in on our national coffee habit by opening a coffee shop, keep reading why to do it with CFS Coffee.

Coffee shops can be incredibly lucrative businesses, and one of the best aspects of owning one, like in any business, is the ability to be your own boss. Make your own schedule, stay at work as long as you want, and get involved in every aspect of it, of course, if your passionate about it, things will always result better.

Every year, the average American spends about $1,100 at coffee shops or convenience stores.

Another important thing to highlight from a coffee shop is that you can offer a great variety of desserts and snacks, so visits won't come only from coffee lovers, but from people looking for something tasty to eat.

Also, the relatively low cost of your product, and the price people have demonstrated they are willing to pay, will take you to be able to turn a solid profit just by creating coffee drinks and enjoying work.

Two years ago, CFS Coffee, a brand for those whom enjoy the best things of life by creating a great experience based in the Colombian coffee culture, opened its very first brand store in the United States with all the Colombian flavor and essence in every detail. The determination of bringing to American customers a 100% signature premium Colombian Coffee in the most beautiful and welcoming environment was our goal. We have achieved it and now, we are ready for our next step: to expand this magical realism experience everywhere by creating entrepreneurial opportunities for all those who are passionate about making good decisions.

CFS Coffee

Contact us and join this amazing journey, by taking Colombian coffee culture and passion wherever you want to, giving value to our local farmers and tasting the flavor of success.

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