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The passion for coffee has passed from generation to generation and it is still one of our biggest motivations for our members. Beyond a business is a way of living where our clients will receive a full experience, eating healthy, enjoying a good moment in a cozy place just like home and taking with them a message of optimism, harmony, peace or even learning.


 All of this is CFS the best Colombian
ambassador in any part of the world.




Coffee Coach Supervisor. 

Klav Enterprise Group LLC d/b/a Coffee CFS is seeking Coffee Coach Supervisor in Orlando, FL. Full time. Bachelor Degree and 2 yrs exp. required.  Job duties- Supervise and coach coffee shop operations. Provide quality control and improve preparation techniques. Instruct others on hand crafted coffee beverage processes and use of raw materials. Monitor performance of employees and business. Provide guidance and direction to employees. Process payments and balance business receipts. Barista having knowledge on coffee products and derived beverages. 

Resumes to Paola Bornacelli at:  

54 W Church St., Ste. 150 Orlando, FL  32801.

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