CFS Signature Coffee

We All Have An Origin. Ours. Select And Diverse.

Colombian coffee is exceptional due to various factors. It has a selected and adapted use of different varieties. Exclusively from the Arabica species, which grows in the  mountains of the Colombian Andes. Ideal temperature ranges generate product characteristics that are valued  by the most sophisticated consumers. It is also an artisanal coffee, processed with the finest craftsmanship containing hours of effort and dedication  from thousand of workers. All in dedication to produce  an exceptional drink.

CFS Coffee is part of this effort and the result is our Signature Coffee. 

CFS Expedition Signature Coffee


Tropical Summer

Lucitania Natural

Pink Bourbon

Red Bourbon

Premium and Exotic Coffee. Its grains are grown at more than 2200 meters above sea level, in the highest coffee plantations in the world. Colombian coffee growers and producers, take care of every coffee bean of this Supreme CFS coffee. Expedition CFS Signature Coffee is a special edition in different presentations. Production is scarce and exclusive.


Exclusive of CFS Coffee Online Store.